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                  STRONG POINTS

                  Development Capability

                  We have a wide range of technical capabilities and knowledge.


                  We support a wide range of development and industry by being connected to users, dealers, and suppliers around the world.


                  Our business and production activities are flexible and nimble, allowing us to respond promptly to our customers’ needs.




                  Various kinds of metals such as nickel can be used.


                  Tongue and various other pieces can be bent to the customer’s preferred angle. For example, 90 degrees. (See example.)

                  Custom Welding

                  Custom welding is possible by utilizing special brazing.


                  We can do plating with metals other than tin. The example shows nickel and gold.


                  Suitable materials can be used by fusing different kinds of metals through friction welding.


                  Customer specified original designs can be cut.

                  Resin Treatment

                  We can produce insulation caps, and various other items.

                  Original Metal Molds

                  We can mass produce metal molds in shapes as specified by each customer.


                  Choosing Metals

                  We supply the customised elements for you.

                  Cutting Lead Wires

                  We can provide lead wires cut to the customer’s preferred length.

                  Shaping Lead Wires

                  We can shape the lead wires the way each customer prefers.

                  Choosing Tube Material

                  We develop the products by using galss tube, ceramic tube etc., based on your specification


                  We can make products rust-proof using tubing and synthetically produced silicon coatings.

                  Electrical Insulation

                  With additional processing, products can be made electrically insulating.


                  We can provide terminals or connectors, of whose manufacturing we have a long history, with pre-attached lead wires.


                  We will respond to your needs. Please send us an email or give us a call.
                  ※Here is the inquiry form.
                  Our sales staff will visit you, and ask about the usage, functionality, budget and deadline, etc. of your product. We can also send a product developer for the visit.
                  After the consultation, we will provide you with an initial estimate. Depending on your request, we can also begin product development. Getting an estimate is free of charge.
                  Sample Creation
                  We create a sample in accordance with your specifications and requirements.
                  Final Specification
                  After we receive your evaluation of our sample, the relevant departments collaborate to make iterative improvements in the product, and eventually decide on the final specification.
                  We ready ourselves for mass production based on the final specification.
                  We swiftly deliver our products using our wide sales network.
                  Follow Up
                  We follow up on our customers’ satisfaction with our products after delivery.

                  Contact Us

                  If you have any questions regarding our products, please contact us for more information.


                  Monday to Friday 9:00~17:00