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                  Privacy policy

                  Fuji Terminal Industry Co., Ltd., respects your privacy. We emphasize the importance of our Privacy Policy to all employees and make sure that the rules of the policy are kept to ensure that your personal information is duly protected.

                  Personal Information

                  We receive personally identifiable information from each customer who is a private individual. This includes a customer’s name, physical and email addresses, telephone number, age and sex.

                  Personal Information That We Collect

                  In order to keep personal information accurate and up to date, and to prevent information loss, data corruption or falsification, information leaks, and unauthorized access to personal information, we strictly protect personal information. This is accomplished by diligently maintaining our security systems, empowering our management to address concerns, educating employees thoroughly, and enforcing safety measures.

                  How We Use Personal Information

                  The personal information we receive from our customers will be used for sending e-mails and documents, as well as for the purposes of notification, business introduction, and/or answering questions.

                  Policy Regarding Disclosure or Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

                  We will manage the personal information we receive from our customers appropriately, and will not provide personal information to third parties in situations other than the following:

                  • When we have the agreement of the customer.
                  • When we subcontract work in accordance with our customer’s order.
                  • When providing access to the information is required by law.

                  Security Measures for Personal Information

                  To protect your personal information, we take a reliable security management system. Anyone who desire to delete, modify or refer the personal information should inform us and we will respond your request after confirmation of identification.

                  Law and Regulation Compliance and Our Internal Review Policies

                  We comply with Japanese law and other regulations applicable to the handling of private information which we hold, and will review our policies at appropriate times for continual improvement.


                  Please contact us with any questions concerning our Privacy Policy for Personal Information.

                  〒550-0005 大阪市西區西本町3丁目1番44號
                  Tel 06-4391-2772 Fax 06-4391-2662